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What Is The Essential Lookbook?
The Lavender Life Essential Lookbook is a complete resource for all Young Living members to get the best experience possible when using their YL products.

It is a gorgeous, one of a kind handbook featuring 64 full-color pages that will guide your members from getting started with essential oils, all the way to learning about the business opportunity with Young Living.

The Essential Lookbook is the key to fast track the growth of your Young Living business, WITHOUT requiring you to always be the one teaching classes and answering endless questions. Now, your members will be empowered with all the answers as soon as you put one of these books into their hands!

The Essential Lookbook is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to not just close the sale, but also to sustain and grow a thriving Young Living business.
Do you believe that essential oils have the ability to change someone's life?
If you said yes, you are part of the dream of bringing 
essential oils to every home in the world.

This book will help you reach more people and create more duplication.
Your members will find it effortless to share the oils with their friends 
without being pushy or salesy.
The Essential Lookbook Will Help You To...
  • Create Duplication and empower your members to easily share the oils with their friends using this book
  • Get more members on Essential Rewards without you having to constantly chase and remind them
  • Build a successful business with people whose lives you can affect in a big way... 
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Most Young Living distributors are completely unaware of 
the most common mistakes in network marketing...
Are you feeling stuck in your Young Living business? Not growing in rank as fast as you’d like to? You’re working hard but not seeing the results you desire?

I understand exactly how you feel and I want to help you.

I’ve been there. You're probably tired of doing class after class, essential oil workshops, DIY events, meeting with prospects, attempting different strategies to build online, but still end up getting nowhere.

My name is Khairul and I’m a Platinum Leader with Young Living. See, I learnt this the hard way. Just like you, I did everything I knew how to do and gave it my best effort. 

I thought to myself "Since I love the oils and know just how incredible they are, all I had to do was to tell my prospects about their benefits and the oils would sell themselves."

Sounds pretty simple, right? 

However, that didn’t work because at the end of it, whoever I was sharing the oils with didn’t always end up signing up.
Or even if they did, most of them would never end up getting on Essential Rewards or place another order. They were overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to use all the oils in their kit and ended up not using them at all.

And if you’re talking about growing new business builders in your team, there’s never any duplication because all of them start off feeling uncertain and don’t have enough confidence to go out and share the oils themselves. Or they just wouldn’t do it unless you were around.

I bet you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Now most of us in Young Living didn't even like the idea of 'MLMs' to begin with. We hate being salesy or pushy, so we tend to have a gentler approach, focusing more on sharing the oils and not so much on trying to sell them. 

I'm totally like that too, but there is one problem with this approach – it doesn't serve anyone well at all. Your prospect doesn't actually get to benefit from the essential oils unless they sign up and order a starter kit!
This was when I realized that I was missing a key in the business, and observed that all the top leaders in network marketing leveraged on some type of tool that they used to build their teams. So I thought, what if we had an all-in-one resource that would transform the way we grow our business?

This idea led to spending 2 years researching and crafting a beautiful, all-inclusive essential oils guidebook to supercharge your Young Living business, so your prospects can easily learn about the oils at their own pace and your members will be empowered to step up as business builders.
The Result: The Lavender Life Essential Lookbook
The Ultimate Info-Packed Guide To Essential Oils Unlike Any Other
In this 64 page, full color, top quality guidebook, you will find everything that 
you need to showcase to your prospect,
such as:
• The Different Grades of Essential Oils
• Seed to Seal and the YL Difference
• Using Oils Topically, Aromatically and Internally
• Where to Apply Essential Oils
• What’s in the Premium Starter Kit
• Top 20 of Young Living’s Most Popular Oils To  
   Explore Beyond The Starter Kit
• Step by Step Guide on How to Place Orders
• Gentle Introduction to Business Opportunity
If you had to fall in love with one book – this is it – the oils are showcased brilliantly in stunning original photography, specifically designed to evoke different feelings when you look at them based on the uses associated with each oil.

This guidebook will free you up – You won’t need to repeatedly explain about the oils or business plan, it empowers your members to be independent, and a ton of information and knowledge will be at the fingertips of your prospects and business builders. 
So instead of you giving the same presentation time and time again, let the book do the talking. Its magazine layout introduces the oils seamlessly and effortlessly.

What’s more, the vibrant colors make it a gorgeous coffee table book that you can display at home, and doubles as a great conversation starter that’s convenient to bring around and show to friends.
This book is packed with not just amazing graphics but also useful information. There are easy DIY recipes, rollerblend recipes, step by step instructions on how to place orders, the benefits of ER showcased in an easy to understand way and a gentle introduction to the Young Living business opportunity. 

It doesn’t require you to be the source of all the answers and information. 

This book is a tool that will simplify and transform your business. You don’t need to waste your precious time reinventing the wheel, figuring out what does and doesn’t work. 

This completely AUTOMATES the building of your Young Living team. You need to get a copy into the hands of every single one of your members and prospects and empower them.
There are very limited copies available as it was initially made for my team members only, but for a limited time I’m making it available to you as well. It’s running out fast so hurry and claim yours now before its all gone. 

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  What People Are Saying:
"The Only Tool That Has Worked For Me!"
I've tried everything to grow my business, you name it, I've done it. I even carried hundreds of products overseas to participate in fairs and roadshows, with NO results. 

When I started sharing using the book, I couldn't believe how many people started signing up, even without me pushing them. The Essential Lookbook has completely changed the way I work on my YL business for the better – it's the only tool that has worked for me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating it! 
By Ming Zhen on 25 October 2018
"I Didn't Think I Could Do It"
I didn't think I could do it but I did! After using the book in my meetings I saw an immediate increase in people who signed up and got on ER. 

Everyone got a copy and they look forward to their ER because of the beautiful pictures and valuable info.

I managed to get from zero to Silver in under 2 months! This proves that even if you have zero experience in sales or knowledge about the products, ANYONE can succeed using this book.
By Angela Hou on 29 July 2018
"The Book Is Such A Time Saver!"
This book is SUCH a time saver – I'm SO thankful!! I cannot express how happy I am to have found this book. I used to spend HOURS explaining the same things over and over again. I felt like a broken record.

This book completely changes the game. My team now has a powerful resource to grow their business and reach new prospects with confidence, without me constantly having to spend all my time talking to them and explaining about the products and compensation plan! 
By Chen Madeline on 4 November 2018
Why you NEED to have the Essential Lookbook right now:
This is the one and only tool that you will ever need 
to supercharge your Young Living team. 
  • Save Time: You'll Never Have to explain the same things to your members over and over again
  • Create Duplication: Allow your members to share the knowledge of essential oils with this book
  • Grow New Business Builders: Empower members to step up as business builders with this tool
  • Advance In Your Young Living Business: Grow in rank as your volume grows naturally with more ER participation 
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Captivate your audience when you use these professionally designed slides along with The Essential Lookbook. Created to be an extension of the guidebook, these slides helps you share the oils smoothly and easily, without the need to rehearse or memorize information.
64 Amazing Pages
64 More Amazing Slides
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Lavender Life Essential Lookbook Slides

Designed specifically to create more impactful presentations as an accompaniment to the book, 
no essential oil presentation will be complete 
without these slides.

Display it easily on an ipad, tv screen or projector and let it guide you and your audience through the content.

Your prospects will be wowed by the stunning design graphics and be captivated by the presentation. This guarantees a much higher chance of them taking immediate action to get started and order a starter kit.

BONUS! Additional Exclusive Content Available Only On The Slides! (NOT found anywhere else)

These slides will:
  • The Essential Lookbook Slides will help you to find your voice and give you clarity on how to share essential oils with your prospects.
  • The Essential Lookbook Slides will enable you to share your message and close without being sleazy, pushy or manipulative. 
  • The Essential Lookbook Slides will give you more time freedom by doing the work for you.
The Lavender Life Essential Lookbook Slides
  • A digital extension of the book
  • Streamline your sharing sessions
  • Makes it easy and seamless to guide members through your presentations
  • Enhance your book experience
  • Convenient and handy – Can be used on ALL types of mobile devices anytime, anywhere
  • Clean and informative
PLUS: You get access to extra bonus content NOT found in the book or anywhere else! 
Time Is Running Out, We Have Very Few Copies Left...
We're only left with less than 100 copies of this book, and when they're gone... we will not be printing more to give for FREE.

As long as this page is here, everything is good but when we're out, we're out.
Transform Your YL Business And Get The Results You Deserve!
To your success,
Khairul Ariffin
YL Platinum Leader
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips straight to the end, here's the deal:

For just a limited time, you can have my 64 page, full-color, beautifully designed, info-packed Essential Oil intro guidebook:
"The Lavender Life Essential Lookbook"

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In case you're wondering, what's the "catch"? There isn't one, other than that I would greatly appreciate you recommending this book to your YL team members, but only if you like it.

I initially created it to help my team members only, but I'm choosing to make it available to you because I want to help you
achieve success in your YL business, regardless of which team you're in, we're all in the YL Family.

So I'm really rooting for your success, in fact once you've ordered your set of the books, I'll even share with you some of my secret strategies that I use to grow my business.

Lavender Life Essential Lookbook
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